About Hoses

Automotive hoses come in many styles, grades and compounds.  Sometimes this can be very confusing when selecting the proper hose for the application at hand.  The hoses that we have selected to sell are well suited to meet the majority of all automotive oil cooler line applications.  Equal in function to OEM lines, these Gates GTH hoses meet or exceed OEM standards.  This is not the least expensive hose that can be purchased but will work well for both Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, and Glycol applications.  Resistant to heat (300 degrees), the tough exterior makes them abrasion resistant which aide in providing a secure long lasting aftermarket repair.  Whether you splice this into an existing line set, or completely replace the entire line these hoses are suitable for heavy duty oil cooler applications.  If you want a performance hose for racing this is not it.  If you want a hose that will fix a vehicle for an inexpensive alternative to an OEM line swap out.  Gates GTH hose is it.  This line of Gates GTH Hoses are  made in Mexico.