Genuine Oetiker Quick Connectors

Quick connectors were designed to ease the rapid mass production line assembly of vehicles. Connecting the radiator oil cooler to the transmission or engine was always a cumbersome task due to space constraints. Due to a very good design, and by using exacting dimensional and material selections a high quality part was born to meet this need. The Oetiker Quick-Connector. A simple push, and click verifies a secure leak free joint. These Original Equipment (OE) parts are meant to be secure and robust, and not fall apart with every bump in the road. OE Manufacturers of vehicles have come to value this wonder design as a safe, ergonomically sensitive, leak free, robust connection that has been proven in real world applications for several decades. With oil cooler system connections made on 100’s of millions of vehicles this is a time proven solution that works.

In the aftermarket there has been a flood of radiators, and line-sets from many sources. The value of replace and scrap has outweighed the skill of repair for many shops. At times this is a value that cannot be challenged. There are times when repair is all that is needed to keep a vehicle roadworthy. These Genuine OEM Oetiker replacement connectors can be used in many applications on both the oil cooler tank, and also the transmission, or engine. At FFAC Fittings we sell the most popular styles for each size in packs of two. Refresh your oil cooler system connections to “Like new” condition. Oetiker Quick connectors sold here are all made in the USA.