PN: FFAC58OETCLAMP - GENUINE Oetiker StepLess® clamps 5/8" (AN-10) - 6 per pack

FFAC Fittings

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StepLess® Ear Clamps 167 (1/2" [AN-10]) (6 pieces per package).

Narrow  band: concentrates transmission of clamping force, less weight

StepLess over 360°: uniform compression or uniform surface pressure

Clamp ear: compensates for component tolerances, adjustable surface pressure

Dimple: increases clamping force, spring-effect compensates for changes in diameter due to thermal expansion

Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

Made in USA

Size open:           1.01” (25.6mm)

Size closed:        0.88” (22.4mm)

Width:                  0.276” (7mm)

Material:              Stainless Steel